Tourist attractions near Dandeli

Want to take a break from the dusty and polluted environs of the city? Take a break and enjoy a long weekend at Dandeli. This town, located in northern Karnataka, is well known for its scenic environment and adventure activities. Whether you want to relax and de-stress or indulge in adventure sports, Dandeli is the best place to heed to.

Dandeli tourism

Dandeli tourism has been growing more popular as many people want to escape the heat and dust of the city and heed to calmer and cooler places. Whether you want to enjoy the peace and the solitude of the forest or indulge in adventure sports, Dandeli has plenty of activities to offer.

Dandeli wildlife tourism is also very popular amongst naturalists and wildlife photographers.

There are many tourist attractions near Dandeli. You can choose the places you want to visit depending on your interests and preferences. Some of the popular tourist places are:

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Tourist attractions near Dandeli

The largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is home to tigers, elephants, mouse, hornbill, and lots of other exotic species. You can take a jeep safari to enjoy the beauty and mystery of the forest.

Shiroli Peak

Tourist Tourism

This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions near Dandeli. Located inside the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, this peak is a beautiful view point. The best time to visit this peak is during sunset.

Kavala Caves

Tourist attractions near Dandeli

This historical place is located about 25 kilometers from Dandeli. Inside the limestone caves, you will see a Shiva Linga. You need to climb around 375 steps and crawl through a 40 feet tunnel to reach the caves.

Kali River

Tourist Tourism

The Kali River is a must-visit place when you come to Dandeli. The flow in the river depends on the discharge from the dam. So, make sure you check out if there will be a good level of water in the river before you plan your trip there. If you have good water levels, then you can surely enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and boating trips.

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