River Rafting in Dandeli

River Rafting in Dandeli
If you want to do something different this holiday, try river rafting in Dandeli. Nestled in the mountainous region of the Western Ghats, this town is known for its beautiful environment and water sports. Dandeli is located about 500 kilometers from Bangalore and is around 75 kilometers from Hubli. You can also fly to Goa and then drive down to Dandeli. If you prefer traveling by train, then you can travel up to Hubli and then taxi down from there. This small town in northern Karnataka is popular for wildlife, white water rafting, and trekking.

When you book into the resort in Dandeli, you can ask the management about the various adventure activities you can enjoy. Apart from river rafting, Dandeli offers a host of other adventure activities. You can try your hand at rappelling, river crossing, canoeing, kayaking, trekking, and biking. The resort management will also arrange for jeep safari into the forest. The best time to go on a jungle safari is early in the morning or late in the evening.

When you go river rafting in Dandeli, wear comfy clothes like tee shirts and shorts or tights. You can also wear swimwear, if you are comfortable with those outfits. But don’t go for baggy clothes, salwar, or sari that can disturb you when you are paddling the raft. Wear comfortable footwear, ones that will not slip away when you’re in water. You should make sure you follow the instructions from the guide. River rafting is not simple play, but requires physical and mental endurance. The River Kali in Dandeli has Class 2 and Class 3 rapids, which makes it suitable for both learners and experienced rafters.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your resort and make arrangements to stay in one of the popular resorts in Dandeli. Let this holiday be one of the best for you and your family.

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